A collection of Go packages built with ❤️

go-simpler.org/assert ☑️ Assertions for the standard testing package
go-simpler.org/check ✔️ Convenience helpers to perform validations of any kind
go-simpler.org/env 🔍 Load environment variables into a config struct
go-simpler.org/errorsx 🧨 Extensions for the standard errors package
go-simpler.org/goversion 🎲 Easily switch between multiple Go versions
go-simpler.org/musttag 🚔 Enforce field tags in (un)marshaled structs
go-simpler.org/sloggen 🪵 Generate various helpers for log/slog
go-simpler.org/sloglint 🪵 Ensure consistent code style when using log/slog
github.com/go-simpler/styleguide 📖 A styleguide for the organization
github.com/go-simpler/website 📂 The source code for go-simpler.org
github.com/go-simpler/.github 🧰 Reusable CI workflows for Go projects